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Москва, ул.Ивана Франко д.4 стр.16



What Our Clients Say

Here's what our customers have to say about Car Repair Service

Пару лет назад в Nazarov Garage мне делали защитное покрытие Raptor на пикап – до сих пор держится. Приезжал на локальный ремонт после ДТП – сделали быстро, как ничего и не было. Спасибо!

Отлично покрасили крыло и дверь моей KIA Rio. Быстро и качественно! Отличный сервис!

Купил вездеход и решил переделать его под свои задачи. В Nazarov Garage все сделали в лучшем виде – теперь могу ездить на охоту и рыбалку, имея все необходимое под рукой. Плюс защитное покрытие BASF на кузове, и аэрографию “камуфляж”. Спасибо парням, постоянно обращаюсь с различными задачами, все делают отлично!

My car was not idling correctly and stalled at a red light. I took it here and the next day he called me with the problem and walked me through the engine to explain exactly what was happening, no anything like that.

I love being able to stop by and have Dave listen/drive my car when I think I hear a new noise. He always treats me with respect. I never feel like a “women who doesn’t know anything”. That’s nice!

Car Repair Service has become our service center of choice. We almost always interact with the owner or his son. They are capable and kind. They always let us know when service is not needed. Highly recommended

Told them to replace my belt tensioner due to frequent squeaking after replacing my belt. They looked around and said, “nope, take the belt back and ask for a new one under warranty”

I learned of Car Repair Service through a local news station. The service provided by Kevin exceeded my expectations. Not only does he come highly recommended but I plan to request him for f needs.

I would recommend Car Repair Service to anyone without a doubt! Very professional and reliable. The best customer service and reasonable prices. My go to auto shop from now on!!!